The Power of Watchlists

The Power of Watchlists Value investors create and update watchlists periodically. The power of watchlists cannot be underestimated. At, along with stocks that are ripe for buying at the right price, we also suggest adding up to 20 or 30 stocks of great companies to watchlist. These 20 or […]

The case for Dividends

The Case for Dividends Would it not be good to get this kind of a message on your phone?  This is the message you get when the dividend gets credited to your account. Welcome to harnessing the power of dividends as an additional source of Income. Mukesh Ambani, Narayana Murthy, […]

How to determine the Right Price to Pay for any Stock (Cupid Limited as Example)

(The financials of CUPID Ltd (BSE Code 530843) are used as an example here. Cupid Ltd was one of the recommendations at for the month of October 2020). Cupid Ltd has a very stable business of predominantly producing male and female condoms besides other associated gels, sanitizers and creams. […]