Margin of Safety – Never overpay for any stock

Margin of safety ensures that you would substantially cut down your losses should the market go down and similarly you would give yourself a chance to make huge gains when the stock markets go up.

Predictions can go wrong; the factors based on which the analyses were made might change over time; a product on the development of which the company spent a lot of money during research and development might not materialize and make as much money as envisaged. In all these cases, building adequate margin of safety into the buying price would ensure that the possibility of loss is greatly minimized.

We should always know what is the right price to pay for any stock. The right price to pay can be arrived at using simple formulas. Our product recommends highly profitable companies for buying. It also contains the right price that should be paid for such stocks. Until the stocks reach those prices, you would do well to add them to the watchlist and once it reaches that price, it would be the time to buy.

Our analysis and the rating system ensures that you buy only best companies at attractive prices.

The Power of Compounding

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said ” Compounding is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it and he who doesn’t, pays it”. It is this power of compounding that helps one earn huge sums of money in the long run. Time is one of the crucial factors in compounding as also the rate at which we are able to compound.

The more years we have on our side, the greater our ability to compound. At, it is our intention to identify stocks that can compound your investments at high rates of return over significantly long periods of time. We do this by identifying, analyzing, rating and recommending stocks of great Indian companies at attractive prices that contain a substantial margin of safety. These will have to be held by an individual investors for long term.

Product Info

India Stock Ideas Pro Plan : This gives one complete year access to our monthly recommendations.

India Stock Ideas Starting Plan : This gives access for three months to our monthly recommendations.

India Stock Ideas Popular Plan : This gives access for Six months to our monthly recommendations.


When you buy any of these plans, you will get access to download an excel file.

The excel file contains this information for top 20 stocks based on Overall rating of all stocks traded on BSE and NSE.

  • The name of the company
  • BSE Ticker Code
  • NSE Symbol
  • Industry it is in
  • Current Market Price as on the date of Publishing
  • Price that you should pay (This covers a margin of safety of 40%)
  • Overall Rating (Out of a total of 100 points): This is a summation of all Individual Ratings
  • Sales , Sales growth 5 Years and Sales Growth Rating
  • Net Profit, Net Profit growth 5 years and Net Profit Rating
  • Earnings per Share
  • Operating Profit Margin, OP margin rating
  • Net Profit Margin Last Year  , Net Profit Margin Rating
  • Net Profit Margin current Quarter , NPM Current Quarter Rating
  • Dividend Yield and Dividend Yield Rating
  • Price To Earnings and PE Rating
  • Average Return on Equity 5 Years, and its rating
  • Average Return on Equity 3 Years and its rating
  • Debt to Equity and its rating
  • Face Value
  • Price to Book value and its rating.